Mashable - 2 years ago

Barbie to donate dolls to the kids of first responders

Here's something nice for the children of first responders: Mattel, the toy company that produces Barbie, announced on Wednesday that it will be donating one doll for every eligible career doll — dolls that include outfits and accessories rep...

Mashable - 2 years ago

Sorry, contact-tracing apps are not coming to the rescue

We've been primed to believe that technology will save us.  Every year, new gadgets, apps, and digital tchotchkes promise to ease the burdens of modern life. Now, with the coronavirus having killed over a quarter of a million and counting, the...

Mashable - 2 years ago

Slack was down and the timing couldn't have been worse

UPDATE: May 12, 2020, 5:47 p.m. PDT And just like that, service is back up! You can all press pause on your Slack panic for now. Original story: It's not you, it's Slack. Slack confirmed on Twitter that service in parts of the U.S., Japan, and Aus...