BizTechtonics - 9 years ago

How to Generate Revenue from a Blog

It is possible to generate an income from a blog, and there are a number of ways to do it. It is best if you have a niche blog about a specific topic or interest.  Personal blogs that are general in nature are harder to grow an audience for since the...

BizTechtonics - 9 years ago

Why Google Needs Our Help

I just finished watching the movie The Internship, a comedy about two out of work salesmen who try to get an internship at Google, and it got me thinking.  As many of you know, Google has discontinued the Google Authorship program, and is getting ver...

BizTechtonics - 10 years ago

Why Trickle Down Economics No Longer Works

There used to be this theory that if you poured money into the top of the economy, through loans, tax cuts, and direct investment, the money would trickle down to the bottom of the economy, to the workers, the stay-at home moms, and the children. Whi...